BREAKING -- Steve Lury Now Plans to Drive to Orlando!

I know everyone comes here for up-to-the-minute news on the South Florida civil legal community.

Well get ready for this bombshell:

The Sun-Sentinel recently reached out to Fort Lauderdale attorney Steve Lury to find out how he plans to get to Disney World Orlando now that Southwest Airlines is cancelling all direct flights.

Here is Steve's breaking reaction:
Fort Lauderdale attorney Steven Lury flies Southwest to Orlando numerous times a year and said the route cancellation will alter his travel. "I will most likely drive in the future."
Did you hear that, Southwest Airlines:  "I will most likely drive in the future." 

(But he hasn't decided for sure.)

Thank goodness our Governor is opposed to a high-speed rail system that would take Steve from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando without wasting all that time and gas.

That would be way too European.


  1. How did the reporter know to contact this attorney, and why????


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