Emmanuel Roy Done Wrote Judge Turnoff a Letter!

The legal travails of NY lawyer Emmanuel Roy continue.  Mr. Roy recently failed to appear before Magistrate Judge Turnoff, leading the Judge to issue a bench warrant for Mr. Roy's arrest. But Roy decided to fight back -- by writing the Judge a letter. You can read the letter here, which sets forth a number of lame excuses reasons for Mr. Roy's failure to appear, and includes this memorable line:
I trust that the court will not conclude that I have decided to stump my nose at it, for any party who does so does it as his own peril.
Yes, no one should stump their nose at the Court, on that I think we can all agree. Despite the arguments raised in the letter, sources advise that Mr. Roy was arrested in the Big Apple, denied bond by a NY mag, and is on his way to sunny South Florida. Meanwhile, Mr. Mayas has a lawyer and is trying to settle his own issues. A hearing is set for Tuesday before Magistrate Judge Turnoff -- and nobody better stump his nose at this very fine Judge.


  1. Wow.

    UNDERLINE BOLD assert all defenses no matter how untenable.

    Raise your other other trial, which makes you look real bad.

    Raise your lack of money, which supports the notion that you stole money from the client which has caused your most recent problem.

    Fail to capitalize Honor and include "judge" after magistrate, thereby expressing your contempt for the Court.

    Remind the Court of its practices.

    And seek "reliefs." To go with your shrimps, meats and underwears.

    And this - "I am not currently employ." Did Rumpole help you write this?

    If he thinks he's got it bad before Bill, wait until Joan gets her chance.


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