Your Monday Morning Digital Dump.

Hi kids, was this weekend hot enough for you?

Let's see what's happening around town:

1.  Rumpole is conducting a real live prisoner's dilemma experiment -- five attorneys have apparently decided to "go rouge."  Time to play again?

2.  You're in luck -- Jose Baez says he will take your piddly dink cases:
I don’t want people to think I only take big cases. I always say, ‘No case is too big, and no case is too small.’ It’s no longer about a national story or getting recognition: it’s about working hard and seeking justice for our clients.
Thank goodness that "national story/getting recognition" period is over!

3.  Neil God!

4.  Shpoonkle Pro Bono launches:
Shpoonkle Pro Bono serves to heighten successful integration of law firms and attorneys in delivering volunteer services in the areas of Civil, Criminal, and Juvenile Rights. Shpoonkle Pro Bono augments legal assistance to many of charities most vulnerable groups of clients. Many of these charitable groups are overwhelmed and lacking in resources. Our goal is to facilitate easier online access to varied charitable organizations to legal professionals who want to help them.

This is expected to be a high profile event with local business, legal professions, politicians, and a few celebs, expected to turn out for the launch of this wonderful new charitable organization. The event sponsors can be found on . Eye on South Florida is expected to be covering the event as well. Please join the celebration in launching this new and exciting charity that supports the efforts of other charitable organizations’ legal issues for their service population.
Not sure what any of that means, but it sounds like a good thing.

5.  Judge Ramirez says writing dissents is like a good work out:
I always found that writing a dissent when the majority writes a PCA is like shadow-boxing.  It gives you a good workout but doesn’t accomplish anything.
That's exactly what writing a sanctions motion feels like!
Read more here:


  1. Maybe Neil gave his money to the bridge tender!

  2. who is josie baez?

  3. How does one go rouge? By getting into their Grandmother's pocketbook?

  4. what the ?!&*^= is a shpoonkle?


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