3d DCA Watch -- Don't Go Suing Citizens....

Or you will get "home towned venued."

I'm feeling a little melancholic today, after reading this affirmance of a Judge Maxine Cohen Lando opinion sending a suit against Citizens to Tally on "home venue" grounds:
Based on the plain and unambiguous language of Citizens’ enabling statute, section 627.351(6)(a)1., and our review of the case law, we conclude that the Legislature intended that Citizens be protected by the home venue privilege.
Don't you think the home venue privilege is an antiquated concept?

Is there really a worry that non-good-old-boys somewhere outside of the red dirt of our State Capital will be unfair to poor little state governmental entities?  That juries in Miami might treat Rick Scott and his welfare-drug-testing minions differently?

(Ok, don't answer that.)

Anyway, it's sad to think we won't be seeing more orders from Judge Cohen Lando up on review, or just more of Judge Cohen Lando.


In other news, the great man of letters who knew much more about everything than the rest of us, Gore Vidal, has died.

Sure he could get a little loopy and his fiction was in my opinion just average to slightly above average (though I liked his American Chronicle Series), but boy did he know how to write about books, films, culture, other writers, and America America America --check out his brilliant collection of essays, United States:  1952-1992, or its followup, or the two volumes of his autobiography -- more or less a political history of this great nation in the 20th Century.  And he gave great interview.

He too will be missed.


  1. That Citizens opinion is going to be horrible for homeowners. It is bad enough Citizens is not subject to bad faith laws. Now it cannot be sued anywhere but Tally.

  2. Horrible news for homeowners but great news for the civil litigators in Tally.

  3. the funniest part of it is that Citizens's headquarters are in Jacksonville, not Tally.

  4. My favorite GV moment. Put this in your browser and have a good laugh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYymnxoQnf8.

  5. Vidal's Lincoln is great, the rest of his work so-so. He was a much better essayist than novelist.

  6. I appreciate Vidal for his essays too. But all in all , he was still one of the best writers the world has known. He will be missed.


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