3d DCA Watch -- Summer Bunker Time (and the Living Is Easy).

You can tell it's August in the bunker, as the PCAs pile up and nobody even bothers with appearances anymore.

Today we have exactly one opinion, with a Judge Shepherd dissent, involving a class action by some condo owners against Citizens Property Insurance.

I'd keep going but based even on the limited description above -- can you guess what happened?

The standard of review discrepancy is interesting -- either it's trial court abuse of discretion (majority) or full-on de novo review (dissent).

Congrats btw to Judge de la O for the win on appeal (back when he was litigating for a living).

Oh shoot -- it's almost 2:30 and I'm late for the afternoon bunker yoga class.

Gotta love this time of the year!


  1. The mechanical gym janitors closet really looks nice.

  2. BREAKING........ray- ray armstrong's "attorney," who loves to say "ray-ray," is now a little more than 3/4 done writing a motion and syas he "has some case" but wants to "reach out" to the university to "amicably resolve" these issues.


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