Another Reason to Not Check Emails at Lunch.

How'd you like to get this order come across your fancy iPhone while you are enjoying lunch?

It's an order from Magistrate Judge Goodman, scheduling a sanctions hearing against plaintiff QBE Insurance and its attorneys stemming from a summary judgment in favor of the defendant that Judge Gold granted (the sj order is here and the motion for sanctions is here):
First, without ruling on whether an evidentiary hearing is required, the Undersigned believes it is appropriate, given the potential consequences to the Plaintiff and its attorneys, to schedule one, similar to the evidentiary hearing used in Amlong & Amlong, P.A. v. Denny’s Inc., 500 F.3d 1230 (11th Cir. 2006).
Second, QBE and its counsel shall submit a notice by August 15, 2012, listing all the witnesses they intend to have testify at the evidentiary hearing, along with a reasonable estimate of the amount of time each witness is expected to testify for on direct.  The Court anticipates that no witness will testify on direct for more than an hour. In fact, the Court perceives that most, if not all, of the witness will complete their direct testimony in half an hour or less. If counsel believe additional time (i.e., more than one hour on direct, per witness) is required, then they shall explain why.

Third, Jorda shall have until August 20, 2012 to submit a list of additional witnesses it intends to call at the hearing. Jorda will also provide an estimate of the anticipated length of the direct testimony.

Fourth, the Court anticipates that the witnesses will be either current and/or former employees of QBE, current and/or former attorneys and other employees of the law firm representing QBE in this case up through the entry of summary judgment, current and/or former residents of the condominium involved in the underlying litigation surrounding property damage to the complex and any investigators or consultants used by QBE and/or its counsel. The Court suggests that counsel cooperate and facilitate the attendance of witnesses through acceptance of subpoenas, agreements to produce witnesses at the evidentiary hearing, and otherwise.
Fifth, I think somebody could be in deep doo doo! (I added that last part). 

Reading the sj order and sanctions motion, I'm not sure what probative testimony the witnesses could provide -- the sanctions motion appears to be based on pure legal grounds (which Judge Gold accepted).


  1. Nobody deserves it more.

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  3. Their bad faith litigation tactics have been prevalent for some time now. Inexplicably, the law firm and QBE have increased the level of nasty tactics they use in litigation, cloaking themselves with the formerly good reputation of certain attorneys who are brought in as ringers, and taking advantage of the good will of certain judges, but those tactics were likely to come to light, as appears to be the case in this instance. The Federal judiciary must look more closely at the motion practice of QBE and its lead counsel in all pending and future cases, as they are best able to set the bar to prevent any further misconduct.

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