Getting Cute With the Line Spacing?

I'm really enjoying this suit involving "The Situation" and Abercrombie & Fitch pending before Judge Lenard.

The parties are busy briefing a motion to dismiss directed to the second amended complaint, and a motion to strike stuff from that pleading, but I found this footnote to be interesting:
Plaintiffs’ one and half spaced brief (ECF No. 75) violates Judge Lenard’s order requiring that all filings be double-spaced (ECF No. 38, p. 10) and S.D. Fla. R. 5.1(a)(4) requiring 12 point font for all text including footnotes.
Hold the presses -- could this be true?

Can you imagine somebody playing with the spacing in order to get more room in the brief?

What is the world coming to!

(Just look at that spacing above.)


  1. Decreasing spacing so that you can insert more useless arguments is the death knell of a pleading.

  2. Can someone tell me, Why the f*** do the local rules permit both double and 1.5 spacing when the page limit for both is 20 pages for motions and oppositions and 10 for replies? Then judges, such as J. Lenard (I think J. Cooke does this, too), have orders forbidding the 1.5 spacing, which some litigants -- this being a case in point -- either forget about or ignore. Just fix the local rules already to create uniformity in filings.

  3. and the Situation's counsel is someone always known for carefully following the rules....

  4. Paging Scott Dimond!!

  5. I accidentally had the tv on Snooki and JWoww this week. I heard 4 sentences. Two delt with big vaginas. Two delt with small penises. And this I thought was the major problem facing the world.

  6. I'm a fan of 10 point type. You can include more useless verbiage or losing arguments 5,6, and 7 and judges never tire of having to put on their reading glasses to try to understand what you wrote.


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