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I'm Going to Graceland....

Yes, today marks the anniversary of Elvis' death and what better to mourn than with a free CLE on Elvis and the law:
Legal Aid of East Tennessee will be offering a free continuing legal education course on Tuesday on Elvis Law. The state and federal cases dealing with the late king of rock 'n' roll.
It will be held in a courtroom at the McMinn County Courthouse in Chattanooga, where a 10-foot cutout of the legendary entertainer will reportedly greet attendees, according to a press release.

It turns out there's actually quite a bit of interesting law related to Presley, the Associated Press reports.

"Elvis was fascinating," said Russell Fowler, the associate director of LAET. "He was not liitigious, never sued anybody. He'd fire someone and then give them $50,000 to be nice. But when he died, litigation sprang from everywhere."
Of course there are those who claim Elvii never really died and is hanging somewhere with Jim Morrison and Bruce Lee, as The Probate Lawyer Blog summarizes in some detail here.

Me, I'm remembering the King in the usual manner, by dying my hair jet black, adorning huge pork chops, and requiring my staff to help apply a new-fangled miracle substance ("GOOP") to my beat-up old speed boat so I can finally defeat Bill Bixby and win the Orange Bowl Regatta.

(I assume I'm not alone on this.)

Scene starts at 11:27 in!



  2. Holy cow! I just spent the last half hour reading that blog about Elvis being alive (don't worry, I'll find someone to bill for that time). What a great f***ing conspiracy theory! I love it!!!!! If you, like me, haven't heard of "Jesse" (Elvis lives!) and Eliza (Elvis's half sister), you have got to read that damn blog.

    (re-post of comment to the right place - put it yesterday's post by accident)

  3. I did too.

  4. Oh joy, I was hoping you'd use Clambake!!! You read my mind!

  5. The DOJ is suing the Florida Department of Corrections because kosher meals are not on the prison "menu." Apparently the lack of kosher meals forces hundreds of prisoners to violate their religious beliefs on a daily basis.

    Many moons ago in czarist Russia, Jewish boys were drafted into the army where they obviously couldn't keep kosher. Their Rabbi, one of the greatest of his generation (aren't they all?) told them that they have to eat the food for survival but that they "shouldn't enjoy it."

    This is really a load of crap. The DOJ doesn't have anything better to do?

  6. Tein and Lewis, more stuff you won't write about.

  7. It is nice to see someone else remembers when the Orange Bowl was more than just a arm of the crooked NFL farm system.


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