"It's a Procedural Thing."

I think we've all had to say that at least once in our life, I mean, it happens to everyone, right?

But this time it's from the lips of Guy Spiegelman, attorney for WBA junior featherweight titleholder Guillermo Rigondeaux, who has filed an emergency motion before Judge David Miller to allow his client to fight Robert Marroquin on September 15th: 
Rigondeaux-Marroquin has been targeted for the undercard of an HBO Pay Per View-televised main between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Sergio Martinez at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, but is in jeopardy, according to Pat English, an attorney for Rigondeaux's Irish promoter, Gary Hyde.

English said he received the written order from Miami-Dade County judge David Miller on Thursday which forbids Rigondeaux (10-0, 8 knockouts) from facing Marroquin (22-1, 15 KOs) because the bout was not approved by Hyde.

"The original hearing was on our motion to strike [Hyde's contract,] so now we have a motion for a rehearing that is pending," said Guy Spiegelman, Rigondeaux's attorney. "It's a procedural thing. The court will probably consider it. I don't know if the court will reverse itself, but this thing is far from over."
I've heard that said many times too.

More on Judge Miller's ruling here.


  1. Contract action and an injunction?? I think the motion for rehearing may get some consideration.

    Was this an ex parte temporary injunction? If so, bad form.

  2. There's a self-satisfied, smarter than everybody else attitude permeating Roy Black's blog musings. His pants go on one at a time too.

  3. I use that line all the time, especially during sex.

  4. I think, this being Friday, your post required a picture of a ring girl in a bikini.

  5. True, but I just featured Lissette yesterday!

  6. SFL, thanks for educating and entertaining us. Have a Bo Derek weekend!

  7. Federal courts closed Monday,


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