So "Rick" Yabor Is Representing Suspected Rivera Ringer?

 There's something entirely strange and yet entirely familiar about this story investigating whether Congressman Rivera sponsored or funded a part-time night auditor to run in the Dem primary against Joe Garcia.

As fantastical as the allegations seem, they also are so Miami that I would be disappointed if they turn out not to be true.

I also can't understand how recently defeated county court candidate Enrique "Rick" Yabor wound up representing the suspected ringer.

I guess this must be part of his practice?
Federal law required Sternad to quickly report any contributions — including loans —just before the Aug. 14 primary, which he lost to Democrat Joe Garcia, a longtime Rivera rival who Sternad bashed in one of his 11 mailers.

Rivera, investigators suspect, was behind the sophisticated mail campaign run by Sternad, who was an unknown political newcomer and hotel night auditor.

John Borrero, the owner of Rapid Mail and Computer Services in Hialeah, said he and his employees have met with investigators.

“I have been truthful with you, and I have been truthful with them,” said Borrero, referring all questions to police.

But Rivera strenuously denied the allegation Wednesday night in a televised interview on Spanish-language América Tevé’s (Channel 41) A Mano Limpia, insisting that he has no connection to the Sternad campaign, claiming Borrero lied and that The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald produced "nonsense and slander" in league with Garcia’s campaign.

“I’m going to move forward, focused on my work," Rivera said.

Rivera — who denies ever knowing Sternad — also produced a copy of a new campaign report for Sternad that purported to show, for the first time, that the Democrat’s campaign had paid Rapid Mail. 
Earlier in the day, a reporter for América Tevé said the congressman called her and told her to go to see Sternad’s lawyer, where she would get a scoop on the new campaign report. The lawyer never gave it to her.

Rivera didn’t explain how he got the report and Federal Elections Commission officials told The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald on Wednesday that the document had not been received yet by the FEC.

Even if Sternad amended his report, however, it might not be enough to avoid more questions from investigators.

Sternad referred all calls to attorney Enrique “Rick” Yabor, who refused to comment.
 Only in Miami, kids, only in Miami.
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  1. I know a S.Fla. republican operative who fancies himself a "dirty trickster." This nonsense stinks of my old buddy. I will leave his name off the blog for now - no reason to go accusing people without evidence after all.

  2. I don't find this shocking at all. In fact it's rather pedestrian. Where are the bodies? Where is the drug-addled maid, turned prostitute ready to spill the beans? The gay sex scandal? The incest?

    When does Game of Thrones come back on?

  3. Godwhacker is right on here. Unless there is a torso in an alligator or three pints of blood on the hood of a Cadillac, I am not interested. You know using ringers is "pedestrian" when the King of the Ringers is that ball of charisma Ralph Nader circa 2000. Think about it. If he never threw his hat in the ring, Gore would have been president instead of a modern day Chicken Little.

  4. Thanks for reminding me of the Alligator STL. How did I leave that out?

  5. Thanks for reminding me of the Alligator STL. How did I leave that out?


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