Spencer Aronfeld Brings You the Worst!

Ron Worst, that is.

In other news, GB points out this gem from the Emmanuel Roy/Peter Mayas contempt proceedings before Magistrate Judge Turnoff:
Then Mayas skipped a court hearing last week, in part he said, because he got sick after undergoing a colonoscopy. But the judge wasn't buying it .

"There's simply no excuse'' for his failure to show up in court last week, Turnoff told Mayas.

When Coulton's lawyer, Paul Petruzzi, told the judge Mayas had not handed over the keys to his vehicle and his Monarch Lakes home, the judge demanded he turn over the keys in court.

As Mayas fumbled with his briefcase and his keyring for what seemed an unnecessarily long time, the judge cracked: "I bet the colonoscopy was easier than this."
Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.


  1. Hire a video person!

  2. I am sold! For my next trial, and if I have a deaf juror, I will hire this guy as a sign language expert.

  3. Everyone should have a colonoscopy every five years after fifty, or every year if you have had a polyp removed.

  4. Judge Turnoff should have conducted an in camera colonoscopy right there in the courtroom.

  5. This is too funny, really! I'd like to go off the board Alex and have Chevy Chase be the judge!


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