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I need a dump truck baby to, unload my head....

Hi there, raise your hand if you thought bringing Chad Johnson to the Dolphins was a bad idea?

Well now he has a lawyer instead of a job:
Just after 8:30 a.m., Johnson appeared live via video feed in front a judge and was issued a $2,500 bond and a no contact order, instructing him to stay away from his new wife, Evelyn Lozada, the alleged victim.

Johnson later emerged outside the doors of the jail where he hugged his brother, Chauncey, and was accompanied by his lawyer. They did not speak to reporters as he descended down a stairway and walked to a black SUV.

Johnson got in the car, closed the door and the driver sped off with a couple of reporters chasing after them.

His lawyer, Adam B. Swickle said Johnson has not been charged. The state attorney's office will collect all the evidence and make a decision on whether or not to charge within 21 days.
It's Swickle time!

The Herald's Frances Robles takes a look at KFR's San Juan lawyer friend: 
What the attack doesn’t say: a good bulk of the Puerto Rico contributions came from corporations controlled by Fernandez’s boyfriend, wealthy lawyer David Efron. The mailer was sent by A Vote For Justice, a PAC funded by the top prosecutor’s longtime nemesis, the Police Benevolent Association.

Efron is a Cuba-born attorney whose personal injury and medical malpractice law practice is based in San Juan. Records show he controls 26 corporations, most of them real estate developers on the island.
At least 12 of Efron’s companies donated $500 each to Fernandez’s campaign in the past year, according to state campaign finance reports.

And it’s perfectly legal. Although campaign finance law caps donations in state primary races to $500, separate donations can be submitted under the names of individual corporations. Even if they are owned by the same person.
If it's legal and there is no hint of impropriety over it, what's the problem?

In the realm of Souh Florida election shenanigans, this barely registers a blip.

How about that -- UM Law sent students to London to study the Olympics:
UM law student Alicia Lopiccolo is never regretful of her summer in school. One minute, she's laughing, the next, she's leery.

“We're presented with the opportunity to study abroad this summer and the program involved the 2012 Olympics,” Lopiccolo said. “So, that is something that I just couldn't pass up.”

About two dozen Miami law students couldn't either.

They made the trip of more than 4,000 miles from Coral Gables to London to study how the Olympics, and the law, work together.
Not sure of the real-world implications of studying "Olympic Law" but on the other hand when I was at UM the farthest I went for research was Biscayne Baby's (though it definitely felt like another world).

Finally,  the Florida Bar says being an undocumented immigrant does not disqualify you from the practice of law:
The Florida Bar has not found “good moral character and fitness issues” that would disqualify an undocumented immigrant from being admitted to practice law in Florida, but is still waiting for an opinion from the Florida Supreme Court before making a decision.

In a court filing on Tuesday, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners notified the Supreme Court that it determined last month that there were no such character issues that would automatically disqualify Jose Godinez-Samperio from practicing law, though it cautioned that it’s possible, though unlikely, something could still come to light.

But, the board also notified lawyers representing Godinez-Samperio that a final decision will wait until the state Supreme Court weighs in.

“It is anticipated that you will be notified of the board’s final action after the Supreme Court decision on the pending Request for Advisory Opinion,” the Bar board said in its letter to Godinez-Samperio’s main lawyer, Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte back on July 20. “If additional adverse information is received, the board will reopen its investigation.”

The letter was made public when it was sent Tuesday to the Supreme Court to be added to the record in the case.

Initially, the Bar had denied Godinez-Samperio’s application to the Bar, even though he graduated from a Florida law school and passed the Bar exam.

Read more here:
Yeah, what's that worth nowadays -- heavy in debt, poor job prospects, hail maybe the applicant will do what Romney says and just self-deport?

Hey, it's his official policy position!


  1. RoMoney's self deportation plans have real merit. His policies would make life in the US so miserable everyone will be running for the exits.

  2. First, let's deport all the lawyers!

  3. Biscayne Baby's!!! Been there....done that.

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