UPDATED 11.5% of All In-State Florida Bar Members in Good Standing Overwhelmingly Support Supreme Court Justices and 3 DCA Judges for Retention!

I thought Merit Retention and claimed attacks on judicial independence were cutting edge issues that had members of the Bar up in arms?

Yet out of 68,243 ballots the Bar mailed to in-state members in good standing only 7,857 lawyers participated.

The results of that vast minority of responding lawyers is here.

For the Supreme Court, poll results indicate support for retention of:

- R. Fred Lewis by 92 percent.
- Barbara J. Pariente by 89 percent.
- Peggy A. Quince by 90 percent.

For the 3rd D.C.A., poll results indicate support for retention of:

- Angel A. Cortinas by 86 percent.
- Kevin M. Emas by 93 percent.
- Ivan F. Fernandez by 91 percent.
- Leslie B. Rothenberg by 78 percent.
- Richard J. Suarez by 90 percent.

Don't complain if you don't agree, and failed to send in your response.

Speaking of politics, political fundraising, and patronage, our friend and all around Good Guy and Friendly Canadian Kirk Wagar makes the New York Times here.

I guess Kirk, pictured below with his beautiful wife, got his swagger back. And good for him. (Now stop calling me for more money - I AM TAPPED! I mean it!)

N.B. Rumpole confessed in the comments that he can't understand issues beyond pizza, football and traffic tickets. I like Rumpole, and I want to keep him as an engaged reader, or at least for now someone who looks at the pictures. So this is for him.

"Oh, see. Oh, see Dick. Oh, see Dick Run. Fast, fast Dick. Don't get a ticket!"

That should keep him busy for a while.


  1. WRITING 101
    Class is in session. Today we will correct a recent blog post found here:

    “Man, how did we miss THIS?!” Random capitalization indicates a certain lack of maturity. As a lead sentence this tells us nothing about the story. And somewhere in second grade we learned not to follow a question mark with an exclamation point. Lesson: this sentence is a capital example of what not to do. (note the pun with capital that the author of the piece would miss as he is busy capitalizing his texts “YEah DUDe” etc.

    "As it has every year for the last few years, the DBR has elaborated on Grey Robs' press release regarding its success." Who or what is Grey Rob? The author has not told us. Perhaps in the next paragraph.

    "Read Editor Catherine Wilson's Julie Kay's writing here, support for which is "according to Lynyrd "Byff" Marshall." Or perhaps not. Three sentences/paragraphs and still not one intelligent exposition of what is going on.

    "And, yeah, I don't have a problem with, you know, relationships, but, ah, you know."
    Lets see- starting a sentence “And, yeah...” well, need we say more? And does the rest of the sentence have any relation to the previous ones? Nope. But read on McDuff.

    “Anyhoo, never no mind what you know.” Somewhere beneath the rubble is a sentence just dying to get out. But like a trapped miner, it ran out of air and expired. We are left with the rotting corpse.

    Students, we need to stop. It only gets worse. And there’s only so much criticism a student can take before becoming discouraged and taking up ditch digging. On the other hand, someone needs to dig those ditches. And if the shovel fits....

  2. i thought you didnt read the blog when guest blogger posts.

  3. People on my blog keep instigating and egging me on.

  4. But in retrospect- I don't really read the blog when the guest blogger posts, because you can't read gibberish. It's more accurate to say I peruse the words searching for evidence of intelligence. Sadly, I haven't found any (intelligence).

  5. Best Blogger Fight in South Florida!!

  6. At least I don;t hide behind some cheap anonymous guest blogger...oh wait. I do. Never mind. Well, at least I can write intelligibly and have my own blog that is popular. Not like some remora types that just attach themselves to something they could never create.

  7. Best Blogger Fight in South Florida!!


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