3d DCA Watch -- Tomahawk Thursday Edition!

Ok, so the bunker denizens are back at work -- let's see what the (concrete) Rock is cooking:

Reider v. Dorsey:

Judge Shepherd reviews a bar fight involving a tomahawk in which a jury returned a verdict for a $1.5 million:
For the foregoing reasons, Reider did not owe a relevant duty of care to Dorsey when Dorsey was attacked and therefore cannot be held liable for his injuries. The trial court’s order is hereby reversed and remanded for entry of judgment for Appellant Reider.
Oops!  I gave away the ending....

(Doesn't EVERYONE in South Florida keep a tomahawk in their truck?)

19650 NE 18th Ave v. Presidential Estates:

They paved paradise, and put up 173 zero-lot-line homes.


Knecht Properties v. Carriera:

More fun and games at the trial court level figuring out how to apply the offer of judgment statute.

The more things change, the more things.......


  1. How about today's unanimous decision from the Florida Supreme Court quashing another Third District decision for misapplying cert. The Third District recently came down on Judge Hirsch for refusing to follow the law. The Supreme Court appears to be doing the same to the Third.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out -- I plan to cover it tomorrow.

  3. Judge Thomas, with the help of plaintiff's counsel, couldn't figure the right offer of judgment statutory calculation out? I read that opinion and did it in my head in 8 seconds. That was so f-d up the appellee didn't even respond to the initial brief. [sad trombone].

  4. Shepherd the Slicer


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