Grey Robinson Claims to Enjoy ANOTHER Banner Year!!!

Man, how did we miss THIS?!

As it has every year for the last few years, the DBR has elaborated on Grey Robs' press release regarding its success.

Read Editor Catherine Wilson's Julie Kay's writing here, support for which is "according to Lynyrd "Byff" Marshall."

And, yeah, I don't have a problem with, you know, relationships, but, ah, you know.

Anyhoo, never no mind what you know.

The DBR ranked Grey Rob behind Akerman, Holland, Carlton, and Greenberg.

In Gross revenue , they're behind Holland; Akerman; Carlton; Kasowitz; Nelson; Arent; Kelley; Hinshaw; Diaz Reus.

And of course what you don't know may be important: "Profits per partner figures were not available, Marshall said." That's kind of important, Jules.

Instead, pay attention to what they say:

Biff gives out tokens ("As he has for 21 years, Marshall again handed out gold coins to shareholders and of counsel as a token of his appreciation.")

The firm reported a 7 percent jump in gross revenue in 2011 and 8 percent in 2010. (JUMP?)

Associates "averaged" a 9 % raise (in the government they call it a "cost of living increase".)

Big additions to The Firm!!!!!

A. Former Miami City Manager Tony E. Crapp Jr. (you can read about him on FBI wire taps here, telling former police chief exposito "Yeah I don’t have a problem with you, you know, being compensated for, you know an exit,” said Crapp."

B. Neil Linden, Adorno Zeder. (Zeder. Yoss. FIRE!)

C. Peter Quinter (Becker: The number you have reached is no longer in service.)


D. Glenn Cooper, formerly of Fowler White (not sure which one) - who LOVES Canadians! And Brazilians. (Who doesn't?)

Pete is the most candid. "Yes, I wanted more money, but it was equally important for me to choose the right law firm that fit my personality," he said.


I'll give you this: Gray attracts lawyers who are meant to be together.

Plus, they are big in politics.

N.B.: Isn't it kind of weird how The Firm's fiscal year ends in August?

August? Really?

Half way through last year? Half way through this year? When everyone is on vacation?

Extremely Floridian accounting paramenters. works. Just ask Cathy at the DBR.


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