Handsome Keith Lipscomb!

We've previously covered these suits by porn companies to obtain information on illegal downloads via bills of discovery and then serve them letters for settlement.

But this New Times reporter goes somewhere new:
Lipscomb claims to be the first to employ the obscure law to go after illegal downloaders. The handsome Cleveland native graduated from Cornell Law School in 2000 and moved to Miami. Seven years later, he opened his own firm, devoted to intellectual property litigation. In 2010, California porn mogul Patrick Collins called Lipscomb and asked for ideas on stopping Internet users from stealing his movies.

The young attorney had learned about pure bills of discovery back in law school. But while doing research for Collins, he realized Florida's laws were particularly lax. Almost all other states ban the bills in copyright cases. But Florida allows them — and this provided the loophole he needed to force Internet providers such as AT&T to cough up the identities of thousands of previously anonymous downloaders.
OK, I'll concede Keith is plenty handsome --  for a lawyer.

Important qualification.

And congrats on the whole bill of discovery thing -- if that doesn't work have you considered a bill of attainder (hey, I remember law school too!).


  1. He must have something on the reporter.

  2. Doable after 3 or 4 cocktails, but not quite handsome.

  3. distasteful practice if you ask me

  4. who knew cornell even had a law school? Do they specialize in snow law.

  5. Kinda wish you had quoted the part where the free internet zeolots said I was smart. That made me smile. The young and handsome things, I could have done without. -- Keith

  6. O my god! This guy is even more narcissistic than John Steele.


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