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Kim Rothstein: Before and After.

An alert reader forwards two photographs:

And this:


  1. prison will bring her back to her trashy fraud wifey weight, from her trashy trashy weight.

  2. Like Hank Aaron waiting on a hanging curve ball, I can see where this is all going:
    1. She does her time.
    2. Moves to North Carolina. Either the mountains or the ocean.
    3. Gets a job as a waitress at some toney restaurant.
    4. After one week of collecting tips and handing out smiles, she meets:
    a. a retired chiropractor;
    b. a retired dentist, or
    c. someone who escaped South Florida under a cloud of suspicion but was smart enough to hide enough money to live. Think Stuart Rosenfeldt walking around in Harrison Ford's body.
    5. She gets married and divorced ten years later.
    6. Go to #3 but substitute The Waffle House for Ruth 's Chris and Stuart Rosenfeldt for, well, Stuart Rosefenldt.
    The only alternative to this scenario is that there is someone dumb enough out there to pay for her story and give her royalties on a movie or book. But I think she is already yesterday's news.

  3. Liking after better.....

  4. Love dat Kimmy

  5. The glam shot on top was from an article about Rothsetein in Las Olas Lifestyle magazine (when Rothstein's troubles began, they plucked that article off the internet quicker than you can say Stuart Rosenfeldt). The crass materialism of the article (as evidenced by that photo) was so over the top it was comedic. This was the last paragraph of the article (I kid you not--the article was so over the top, I had to share it):

    Standing firmly in Rothstein's corner is his fiance. "He's so passionate about everything he does," says Kimberly Wendell, who will marry Scott in January, 2008 and enjoy a honeymoon in Saint Barts. "Scott is so giving. He's an incredible man. He has the energy of fifty people and is the most amazing man I've ever met. I'm very proud and lucky to be with him. I hit the jackpot."

    Yes, you did, Kimberly. Yes, you did.

  6. You can read the article in which the glam shot appears here:

  7. 12:47....I think you meant "quicker then Kendall Coffey can parade the press through the office on behalf of rose felt, without knowing any facts"

  8. Come on folks. She had a tremendous 2.5 years. And she'd tell you it was worth it and she'd do it all again. Wendell time....

  9. One of Coffey's lowest professional points (and there have been many).

  10. i notice she is wearing no ring in the after picture!

  11. Laugh at Coffee all you want - is Rosenfelt in jail??? I do not think so.

  12. That's because he was smart enought to fire coughee and hire a real lawyer

  13. The Biter does not represent Stu.

  14. Boutrous Boutrous GHALI!

    YO YOU MA!

    or more crudely:

    nice rack.

  15. jews...what'd else'd ya expect??

  16. What else can u expect from disgusting jews! These people give the good ones a bad reputation. Never fully trust a roach jew.

  17. Another money hungry bunch of fucking jews doing what they do best.
    Connive and steal so they can buy that nosejob,tits, and a fur coat. they should all get maximum penalties, so when she gets out, no one would wanther. poetic justice fir shallow greedy people...


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