"That's Quadruple Hearsay Squared by Infinity!"

That's the gist of attorney Bob Burlington's defense of wealthy insurance magnate Nicolas Estrella in his suit against the insurer of his allegedly stolen yacht:
The whodunit case of Nicolas Estrella’s sunken yacht has dramatically changed course, as a witness now claims he was told that the Key Biscayne tycoon steered a plot to sink his vessel off the Bahamas to collect the insurance money.

The sworn statement from witness Eric MacKenzie is the first apparent link implicating Estrella in the alleged plot. Estrella strongly denies the allegation, which his attorney called “double and triple hearsay.” 
Well, let's see -- it's definitely hearsay in that it was a statement made by another to the affiant.

But double or triple?  I'm not so sure.

Hey, I know a retired Magistrate Judge who has a lot of experience in these kinds of cases -- let's ask him to help out with some evidentiary rulings!

I mean seriously, what could go wrong?


(You can read more about Estrella's impeachment material on this witness here.)
Bonus Letter of the Day:

Steve Lippman asked Harris Solomon to write a letter to Judge Cohn.

Harris complied.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/09/05/2986494/witness-in-nicolas-estrellas-sunken.html#storylink=cpy


  1. Wow, that letter is quite the burn.

  2. The letter says more about Solomon than it does about Lippman.

  3. Goes in the column of be careful what you ask for -

    But really -

    Seems to me that there is no need to kick the guy now.

  4. What does it say about Solomon? Stiffing the secretary who helps you salvage files from the wreckage is pretty low.

  5. kicking a man while he's down, class act Solomon baby

  6. BREAKING: HOTTIE HOTTIE KIMMY ROTHSTEIN INDICTED. She was hiding jewelry from the Feds. Man would I love to be her corrections officer.

  7. Man I've been wanting to tapioca dat Kimmy for years now. Now she is down and out and vulnerable....might be the right time to invite her out for a drinkie poo.

  8. I bought a few of her favorite things at auction, can't wait to reunite them with her!!


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