Was Steve Lippman Really "Not Ready for Prime Time"?

We've already seen what happened when Steve Lippman asked opposing counsel to write a letter of support to Judge Cohn.

Enter Joe Klock, who testified on behalf of Steve:
Coral Gables attorney Joe Klock described his friend as a quiet man who doesn't challenge others. "I don't think he was ready for prime time," he said.
Ok, so that made it in.

I wonder what during the prep session got left on the cutting-room floor?


  1. Joe Klock is a blow hard...awful in court, disrespectful of opposing counsels, and usually trailed around by a bunch of young boys. Weird at best!

  2. Joe is a treasure, go away troll.

  3. With friends like Klock, who needs enemies? BTW, shouldn't Klock be put out to pasture (ie, North Carolina) soon.

  4. Guest Blogger PUNKED by Rumpole with his link to Alfred E Newman. Hilarious.


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