Your Monday Morning Digital Dump

R.I.P. Ron Taylor.

Not even in the shark infested waters of South Florida would anyone have the Chutzpah to request 2.7 million in attorneys fees after "winning" 12,500 for the client.

Too much with the hands.

Brian Spector helps out Levine Kellogg.

Here is a nice profile on Judge Freeman, who works as hard as anyone and does a great job trying to call balls and strikes fairly and consistently. I feel better knowing that someone who amounted to something found her calling in The Law the same way as me..."Hey, I have nothing better to do...why don't I take the LSATs?"

And oh yeah: The horn Big Dog is at FIU tomorrow.


  1. Guest blogger forgot to attack Rumpole! He's slipping.

  2. It is amusing to read his mockery of Rumpole and it obviously gets Eumpole's Goat

  3. Those big firms seeking that huge fee can't get out of overcharge mode.

  4. McDermott is not what it used to be:

    Per the American Lawyer, its annual revenue dropped by a combined $100 million in 2009 and 2010 and the firm laid off 60 lawyers and 89 staff members in February 2009, and an additional 25 lawyers and 47 staff the following June.

  5. Sharks? It's the fracking Paranas that I'm worried about. They have grey hair, shielded eyes and their flipping teeth come out of their flipping mouths. When you see them, RUN. RUn I tell you. AKA GOP.


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