Get Out and Protect the Vote, Plebes!

So armies of volunteer lawyers, well-trained by the beardless bow-tied one, are out and about this week at early voting locations trying to encourage potential voters to stick it through, wait it out, and fill out the five-page double-sided ballot(!) that closely resembles my law school Con Law I exam.

Ain't democracy grand?

Yesterday I saw my pal Bob Fiore exercising his right to vote, dressed snazzily in a guayabera, and in fact everyone should early vote to relieve pressure on election day.

Note to Howard Srebnick -- if you early vote, you don't have to worry about being in the wrong precinct!

The Herald's Marc Caputo thinks proof of long lines at early voting sites that have reduced hours of operation means it was all "liberal spin" about GOP voter suppression efforts:
But the evidence of the longer, stronger lines also conflicts with a talking point from liberals: That the Legislature engaged in “voter suppression” by reducing the number of early-voting days from 14 to eight.
Is that really what you think a long line means?

When you have to wait 45 minutes in line at Kmart and there are only two lanes open do you surmise that people just must really love Kmart?

(Marc's solution -- just buy online!)

Seriously, though -- congrats to all the volunteers helping to ensure the vote is fair and accurate -- we all owe you a debt of gratitude.
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  1. Where's Russomanno?

  2. Hopefully, accurate and fair voting will be followed.

  3. Zip it on the Srebnick material!

    (Howard, you do need a haircut, pal.)

  4. When you're a defense attorney of Howard Srebnick's caliber, you don't need to bother with haircuts.

  5. True. Howard has pled out some high profile cases, and otherwise ridden Roy's coattails well.

  6. yesterday I saw too many people leaving because after waiting 2 or more hours, they had to get their kids to school or pick them up, or had to get to work.
    Please post the link to the website for checking on wait times. I live halfway between 2 early vote locations and one had a several hour wait and the other only a few minutes


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