Judge Huck Wrote an 11th Circuit Opinion!

Don't get so excited, it's a pretty dry legal issue involving an appeal from the NRBQ NLRB:
In light of this uncontradicted testimony, the language of Lakeland’s employee handbook, the LPNs’ job description, and the level two coaching forms in the record, the record as a whole does not support by substantial evidence the Board’s conclusion that the LPNs’ role in the level two coaching process is “merely reportorial.”
I take it back -- we're talking level two coaching forms!



  2. such awesomeness as always. Not like that other disgusting jerk who plays with other's misery.

  3. I don't think DOM is that bad.

  4. I hear that after the appeal was fully briefed, Huck scheduled oral argument for 2 days later and as soon as oral argument was over he ordered his law clerk to have a first draft of the opinion within 24 hours. Just kidding.

  5. This is so awesomeOctober 4, 2012 at 6:00 PM

    3:51 I wasn't referring to DOM. His blog is such awesomeness too. i was referring to that other cruddy place with they play with themselves (with fantasy football) and laugh a others misery and don't do the work that real men who are real criminal defense attorneys do.


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