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Rock Me Zachariah (Squared)!

Ok, so we're supposed to just blithely accept the fact that there are two people in Broward both named Zachariah Zachariah?

We've already covered the Broward doctor Zachariah Zachariah here.

And then there's this guy:
Governor Rick Scott has appointed two Fort Lauderdale attorneys to the Seventeenth Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission.

The commission reviews applications and recommends candidates for appointment to the bench on the circuit court that covers Broward County. Circuit judges are typically elected, but when vacancies arise due to death, retirement or resignation, it's the governor's job to fill the vacancy. The nominating commission sends the governor three to six names to consider.

The governor has the option of choosing from the recommended candidates or asking for additional recommendations.

The new appointees to the commission are William McCormick, of the Gray Robinson law firm, and Zachariah "Reggie" Zachariah, of the Greenberg Traurig firm. Both firms are headquartered in downtown Fort Lauderdale.
Maybe they are related?

Either way congrats to Reggie, a 2009 grad who is quickly moving up in the world.

And now we dance:


  1. If Zachariah's parents liked their last name enough to make it a first name, why would they stop with one Zachariah Zachariah? Maybe there are many Zachariah Zachariahs.

  2. Congratulations to the Fourth Year Associate appointed to the Judicial Nominating Committee. Now get back to your fucking document review!

  3. so a guy less than four years out of law school is qualified to evaluate who should be a judge?

  4. So a guy who should be in jail for Medicare fraud and who is a carpet bagger should be our Governor?



  6. To top it all off, he is a corporate and securities lawyer. Guy hasn't litigated anything at the courthouse or appeared before a judge in his short career.

  7. Scott gaming the system again.

  8. Boutros-Boutros Ghali Zachariah Zachariah!

  9. He is Dr. Zacharia's son. Dr. Zacharia helps raise money for Republicans. It appears to be that simple.

  10. Dr. Zachariah is a sleazeball of a man. He screws woman after woman with no remorse, he is a liar and scum of the earth. He has his hands in many different things and has hundreds of millions of dollars hidden from skimming off the top.
    He is close to the Bush family and is their family cardiologist.
    They were prepping him to be Surgeon General, until he got popped for insider trading. Something that his son helped him get privy information. Because of all the people he knows in high places, and all the people he raising funds for, he is able to keep himself out of prison. He is a bad man.
    His son is a creten too. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. They use women like sociopaths and once they have gotten what they wanted they toss them like dirty laundry. He gets out of DUI's and now his daddy makes a call to Rick Scott and says give my son a better job and it's done. He rides his dads dirty coattails like a spoiled trust fund baby. Nothing good comes from this family. They are dishonorable moral less bottom feeders.


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