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SHOCKER Federalist Society Report: Embattled FL Supreme Court Justices Are Principled!

I'm more of an ACS kind of guy, but I do have to give the Federalist Society props for their own integrity in knocking down this ludicrous campaign to remove Justices Quince, Lewis, and Pariente:
A Florida professor commissioned by the conservative Federalist Society to review controversial cases of the three Florida Supreme Court justices up for merit retention concluded Wednesday that some of the most loaded charges used by opponents against the justices are unfounded.  Download Federalist Society

“There does not appear to be a pattern of unprincipled decision-making by any of the justices of the Florida Supreme Court,’’ wrote Florida International University law professor Elizabeth Price Foley after analyzing nine controversial cases since 2000. “There are disagreements, true. But disagreements do not suggest that those with whom you disagree are unprincipled.”

Although the Federalist Society does not take a position in the merit retention races, Foley said in a conference call with reporters that her review found that the controversial rulings “are in fact supported by some prior precedent and they do involve acceptable methods of legal reasoning.”  Opponents who want to accuse them of judicial activism, she said, are “going to have a hard time making that label stick.’’
Oh don't be so sure, Professor -- since when have facts stopped the Koch brothers?

PS --  The endorsements keep rolling in:


  1. What does she think of Bush v. Gore?

  2. I love words like "principled."

    Reminds me of the oxymorons like "social scientist" and "acceptable methods of legal reasoning."

    Use of "precedent" as an analysis tool to define "principled" would elevate Judge Samuel Kent to the Supreme Court.

  3. Groucho had a great line on that topic:

    “Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others.”

  4. "Rumpole said...

    In the midst of a presidential election, a scandal in Broward, the state trying to kill a crazy man, my access to windows 8- which has been available for beta testing for over a year- is what is consuming you? Get a life. And from personal knowledge - windows 8 sucks. Deal with it.

    Thursday, October 25, 2012 3:10:00 PM"

    In response to Rumpole's bullshit excuse, since I know he's not going to approve my comment...


    A word of advice: I don't have to call out South Florida Lawyers or DOM on anything, because they don't lie or brag about nonsense. But you do, Rump. I'm calling you out on your bullshit lie. If you don't like it, too bad.

    By the way South FL Lawyers, that's a great quote by Marx.

  5. Folks can smell shit on Rumpfool!

  6. Ha ha! I like when Rumpole's feathers get ruffled. Rumpled Rumpole is fairly easy to upset.

    @ 5:25 p.m. -- I have to give it to you, cause he did make a stupid comment thinking he would appear to be "hip and cool" with the in-crowd, but it turns out the program he was complaining about is launching today and is not available to the public. Now, he's trying to play if off like he was a beta tester. Like anyone is going to believe anything he says. What a big fat liar. He wishes he were David O. Markus, but he just a sad sap.

  7. I want to be Mitt Romney on Katy's dress.

  8. Public debate and media attention to the role of precedent in Florida Supreme Court decision making? Wow, the results of this anti-retention campaign get more despicable by the day.

  9. She thinks they should have counted the fucking ballots. Any system other that does not permit human beings to count the ballots put in a box should be overthrown by any mean necessary.

    Fuck non-violence, it is a tool for the unarmed. These right wing asshats need to taste lead.

  10. @12:15

    I'm not used to being the mellow one, but I like it.


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