Your Tuesday Morning Digital Dump!

Hi there, it feels a little slow around town -- where are all the juicy tips?

Let's see what is happening this morning in South Florida:

1.  The Intrepid One reports on a Boca law firm closing:
Boca Raton-based Rutherford Mulhall laid off most of its attorneys and staff and is planning to dissolve the 22-year-old law firm, sources familiar with the situation said Monday.

The firm has been on a slide for several years, closing offices in Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, West Palm Beach and last month, in Palm Beach Gardens.
Excuse me dear Julie, but in the law biz we don't call that "a slide" -- we call it "consolidation."

2.  The friendly folks at the SD FL website have put together a nice Q&A on how to redact docs properly:
Probably the most effective means is to (a) use opaque (100% impenetrable by light) tape/ paper to cover the information to be redacted; or (b) literally cut-out text to be redacted – from a copy, not the original – and shred the clippings.
Ok, I became a lawyer because I am terrible at arts and crafts -- can I ask my nanny to help?

3.  Rick "Rick" Yabor advises his client to take the 5th:
"On counsel’s advice, I invoke my rights under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States not to answer or submit the information requested on FEC Form 3, on the grounds that I may incriminate myself," Justin Lamar Sternad wrote Oct. 19 in a just-posted letter to the Federal Elections Commission.

"Please refer all additional inquires to my attorney, Rick L. Yabor."

Yabor declined comment, citing the pending FEC investigation.

Questions from the FEC were bound to arise after Sternad filed 17 blank pages as his campaign close-out report for October.
Au contraire Marc -- maybe those 17 pages are not in fact blank -- perhaps Sternad simply "use[d] opaque (100% impenetrable by light) tape/ paper to cover the information" that he filed?
ad more here:


  1. A bit sad for Rutherford Mulhall, but I guess life happens.

  2. Rivera will plead and take a deal.


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