3d DCA Watch -- It's Over, Johnny.

So everyone take a deep breath -- it's over.

Let's return to the real world of bunkers and broomsticks and take a gander at what the Robed Ones have been doing while we were busy manning the polling stations yesterday:

Catalina Halnat v. Sun City:

Better watch your parking meters appellate deadlines:
We do not have jurisdiction to review the final judgment docketed January 27, 2011. The judgment was final and appealable on that date, and no notice of appeal was filed within the thirty days allowed. See Fla. R. App. P. 9.110(b). Sun City Vending’s motion for a supplemental final judgment (for attorney’s fees and costs) was not an “authorized and timely” motion that would suspend rendition of the final judgment under Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.020(h).
ABA Capital v. Provincial:

Another day, another Kinney forum non analysis.

Did you know the trial court does not have to put its findings in an order as long as the hearing transcript makes clear all the factors were considered?

Pretty risky, I say -- just submit an order to be safe.

BTW, congrats to all  the attorneys and leaders of all political stripes who came together to defeat the unprecedented effort to remove our Florida Supreme Court Justices.

Well done!


  1. Glad it's finally over.

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