Bankruptcy Judge Cristol Laments Loss of Trees Due to Lawyers' "Show of Force"!

Attention bankruptcy lawyers -- you don't need to lug boxes and boxes of documents to court anymore.

They have a thing called a "scanner" which allows you to store said documents on a "laptop" or even an "iPad."

Bankruptcy Judge Cristol recently pointed out the blow-back effect of boxes of documents in the courtroom that remain untouched:
In view of the Court’s findings of fact and conclusions of law, the Court retains jurisdiction to enter such further orders as may be reasonable and just, including whether to sanction the lawyers who tried this case for needlessly killing forests of trees simply to display a show of force in the form of bankers boxes filled with documents. Each side brought about 65 boxes to the trial and did not seem to use more than 2 – maybe 3, at most. Wasteful! The Court believes the planting of 65 trees for each party may be an appropriate sanction, but it will decline to order the sanction at this time.
Judge, I know some nice land in Israel that could use new trees.

(Just no etrogs please -- they taste terrible!)


  1. BIG loss for Bilzin!

  2. No substitute for having paper docs in court. Period. Oh, well...maybe preperation.

  3. SFL, have you ever had an Etrog Martini?

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