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Broward Court -- The New World Model for Justice!

Hi everyone, is there something happening today?

All I know is my phone will be very quiet today as every lawyer in town is working the polls and helping to protect the vote --  that means it's probably a good day to serve a 57.105 letter!

But seriously, it's all in the hands of a few coders from Mongolia now.

Speaking of Mongolia, when you think of a model location in this entire world for the effective and efficient administration of justice, naturally you think "Broward County Circuit Court."

I mean where else can you see a judge have to use her own cell phone and put it on speaker in order to conduct a hearing?

That's why visiting judges from Mongolia traveled all the way across this great green Earth to watch Broward County justice in action.

Note -- this is a real story!

As a result of this important fact-finding mission, the Mongolian judges agreed to make some changes back home.

For one, they have installed an impossible-to-understand elevator system that takes people to different "ninth floors" and forces litigants to go up half-a-floor to find their courtroom.  They also agreed to cover all surfaces in the courthouse with asbestos and mold and to periodically cut off electricity and water at critical moments, particularly during trials.

God it feels good to be emulated!



  2. Bashing broward is my schtick. But welcome to the party.

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