Election Day Hangover.

Has everyone left for the long weekend already?

Where are my tipsters?


  1. Jump off the fiscal cliff, we are doomed. Obama is a fraud, we have no real leaders, and the country is going to hell.

    Bye bye!

  2. I'm lovin Obama V2.0. Less taxes on me. More on you.

  3. That was an awesome movie.

    @ 8:16 p.m. - Don't pretend like you make more than 250K in this shitty economy. Most of you guys are this close to giving your client's $5 blow jobs and charging $20 for them, because charging your clients for copy paper and staples isn't working out for you any more. How the fuck do you bill 5 mins for stapling a fucking paper? I'm glad you guys can't afford your fucking mortgage and car payments.


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