Kluger v. Randazza!

And Carlos Miller has the video.

Random Pixels adds his $.02.

This is like an internet party!

(To be fair, people do make mistakes sometimes.)

Props to Judge Leesfield for putting the issue of cameras in the courtroom to bed quickly and efficiently (and correctly).

She will make a GREAT mediator.

BTW, in the related federal case, Judge King just denied a joint motion for protective order, noting the SD FL's liberality when it comes to public records and public proceedings:
In addition, the parties elected to seek (and defend) relief in a publicly operated forum, namely the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. The proceedings held in federal and state courts are open to public observation by any interested party. Pursuant to Local Rule 5.4 for the Southern District of Florida, absent some extraordinary need for secrecy, the judicial acts performed should be open to public scrutiny.

The Court finds that the parties have not shown good cause to justify their desire for secrecy. Therefore, the Court cannot, and does not, approve the motion for protective order.
Now when can we have cameras in federal court?


  1. Kluger sounds persuasive but typically shoots his mouth off without support, and is rude to boot. The photographer and the judge nailed it, and a picture is worth a thousand words.

  2. Kluge did not handle well...after all, what's the big deal.

    But, the other lawyer actually comes across as the schmuck. At least kluge is not portrayed as a passive aggressive punk in the video. I was reminded of a high schooler seeking protection and solace from his friends at the end of the video.

    And, why us the substance of the hearing not posted?

  3. Kluger overshot himself and bullied his way through a hearing as usual

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  5. Kluger made such a fool of himself.

    Really embarassing.

    What a buffoon.

  6. Substance of the hearing was posted on my blog a day earlier.


  7. Alan Kluger, punk putz and poser

  8. He bullied the photographer into giving his name, no class Kluger, no class.

  9. I didn't mind giving him my name because I already knew I was going to be writing about the incident under my real name anyway.

    But I agree he is a classless individual.

    I've dealt with a lot of lawyers over the years, many who did not like me, but they all maintained a sense of civility.

    In fact, the importance of remaining civil as a journalist was something that was taught to me early in my journalism career by a New Mexico attorney named Carlos Ogden back in the 1990s.

    And I'll be honest. I haven't always held true to this creed, but when I haven't, I always think back to Carlos Ogden's words and how right he was.


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