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Try to Vote, Plebes!

Wow, so a lot going on this morning.

First off -- RIP Neil Jay Berman.

Second, an actual Herald editorial expressing a real opinion:
While we’re at it, there are other aspects of our voting process that desperately need to be changed.

• Voter purges late in the election year. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that the purge carried out in Florida targeted minority voters and other communities that favor Democrats. It was ill-crafted and designed to restrict voting rights, rather than guarantee them. This is contrary to the best American traditions.

• Fewer early voting days. Was it just a coincidence that the early-voting schedule pushed by Gov. Rick Scott eliminated the last Sunday before the election, a day traditionally used by black churches to get their congregations to vote? You’d have to believe in the tooth fairy to buy that.

• Long, perplexing ballots. This year’s ballot goes on and on, with 11 constitutional amendments written about as clearly as those manuals that “explain” how to assemble a complicated children’s toy with 23 moving parts. Let’s not do this again.
Voting is a right, as well as a duty. Too many Americans take it for granted. Do your part and vote, and let’s hope that next time around those who make the laws make voting easier instead of harder. 
Third, here's the lawsuit Kendall Coffey, Mike Olin, Bruce Rogow, and Seth Miles filed to keep the early voting sites open, pending before Judge Ungaro:
12. The voting facilities within these Counties were plainly inadequate to meet the
needs of County electors seeking to exercise their right to vote during the early voting period provided by Florida law.
13. The extraordinarily long lines deterred or prevented voters from waiting to vote.
Some voters left the polling sites upon learning of the expected wait, and others refused to line up altogether.
14. These long lines and extreme delays unduly and unjustifiably burdened the right to vote.
The complaint is only nine pages long and was prepared in a hurry, but can anyone seriously dispute the above three factual allegations?

Fourth, make fun of Spencer all you want (I certainly do!), but the kid has his heart in the right place:

"A Great Time For A Great Cause"

Fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy Victims Sponsored by Lawyers to the Rescue

Join Lawyers to the Rescue as we raise funds and awareness for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Money raised will be sent to the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Fund.

The event will include:
-Great Networking Opportunity
- Wine Tasting
- Free Food
- Music
- Prizes

Event Entrance Fee: $20.00 goes to the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

To make a donation to this cause, please click on the link below:

I told you there was a lot going on today!
d more here:


  1. Last I checked, JAL is an abbrev. for Joan A. Lenard, not Ursula Ungaro.

  2. You can cast an in-person absentee ballot TODAY (Monday). Please find the time and location for the nearest place to you below:

    2700 NW 87 Ave
    Doral, FL
    Hours: 8am-5pm

    Supervisor of Elections Main Office
    Hours: 9am-5pm
    240 S. Military Trail
    ...West Palm Beach, FL 33415

    Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office
    Hours: 8am-5pm
    119 West Kaley Street
    Orlando, 32806

    Election Service Center, Starkey Lakes Corporate Center
    Hours: 8am-5pm
    13001 Starkey Road
    Largo, FL 33773

    Pinellas County Courthouse
    Hours: 8am-5pm
    315 Court Street, Room 117
    Clearwater, FL 33756

    County Building
    Hours: 8am-5pm
    501 First Avenue North
    St. Petersburg, FL 33701

  3. 11:46, very true but the docket says on 11/5 Judge Ungaro was added.

  4. Get ready for President Romney!

  5. Aronfeld and the Red Cross? Sounds like a real party. Wonder if he will be happy after Romney beats his boy Obama today.


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