Happy Noche Buena!

In Casa SFL the kosher pig has been marinating for three days, and the guys setting up the caja china this morning seem pretty pickled as well.

What a tangled tapestry we weave in South Florida!

I plan to spend the day playing dominoes with my neighbors (mahjong but with less bubbes), tending to the coals, sipping Gosling's black seal rum, and in general thanking the universe for blessing us all for another day.

Merry Christmas!


  1. I love the chicarones. I plan to spend the day shoveling out of the three- count em- three feet of snow that has fallen here in the last twenty four hours. Most amazing spectacle.

  2. Happy Holidays, SFL.

  3. Now that the celebrations are over, it is a bit sad. Yet, we still have the New Year to look forward to so, spread the cheers!


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