Newly Filed Documents in Lewis Tein Dispute!

A blockbuster filing in the Lewis Tein state court case accuses Miccosukee Tribal lawyers of committing fraud on the Court.

The filing attaches two documents that appear to support Lewis Tein's account of the financial arrangement between them and their clients -- that the monies provided by the Tribe were merely advances or loans that the clients were obligated to repay.

The first document appears to be an internal Tribe account statement reflecting monies advanced or loaned by the Tribe to the clients.

The second consists of minutes of Tribal general council meetings in which the clients request advances or loans so they can pay Lewis Tein's legal fees.

The motion asks the Court to issue a show cause order holding the Tribe's attorneys in contempt, as well as a referral to the Florida Bar for numerous violations of the Bar rules and for "direct and knowing fraud on the Court."

Happy holidays!


  1. Perp walk for your pals

  2. The minutes do not mention Lewis Tein nor do they state an amount. Hold your horses.

  3. Right, 12:55, he wanted a loan to pay OTHER lawyers.

  4. Exactly @1255 & @211; just look at the dates 1998 through 2001. Court docket shows that this case wasn't filed until September of 2000. Florida Department of State records show that Lewis,Tein PL wasn't formed until March of 2005 so how could the Tribe have authorized payments to them from 1998-2001? Methinks that Paul Calli may be the one attempting to mislead a court instead of Bernardo Roman III. Is the bar still 'monitoring" this case?

  5. Desperation.

    Its fun to watch Calli humiliate these folks, and for the truth to come out.

    Tribe in big trouble.


    Having reviewed the financial documents and records attached to the posted pleading, now I understand the theory advanced by the lawyers accusing Lewis Tein:

    The Tribe gave its members loans for millions to pay a bunch of other lawyers, but we are to believe Lewis Tein was not under the same arrangement.

    That dog don't hunt

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