Friday Roundup

I miss SFL too, so stay off my case.

John Pacenti reports on the acquittal of Muslim cleric Izhar Khan. Kudos to Marshall Dore Louis and Joe Rosenbaum.

Greenberg Traurig enjoyed the dismissal of a malpractice lawsuit against it. A divided New York State Appellate court dismissed charges that a GT partner forged a document in a lawsuit. "The court held a "new cause of action for fraud does not accrue each time a plaintiff discovers new elements of fraud in a transaction or new evidence to prove such fraud," the opinion from the Appellate Division, First Department, said. I'm not sure that a victory predicated on the other side's failure to know all the fraud from the get-go merits a spike-the-ball celebration, but a win is a win.

Rumpole covers the Bunker's latest to Judge Hirsch (methinks there is a back story to the Judge Rothenberg and Judge Hirsch relationship.)

Enjoy your long weekend in observance of Dr. King's Birthday. Get a massage, enjoy a beer, and as my mother always cautions, don't take any wooden nickels.

N.B. Spenser is a tough act to follow, as affirmed by the many supportive comments to his post. Anyhoo, fortunately there is a lot going on so I don't have to just talk about myself, over and over and over again. The Spencemeister would be wise to accept Horace's offer to serve as Spence's agent and pitch a reality show for Spence. The possibilities are endless.


  1. Guest blogger has Spencer envy

  2. I miss SFL too!

    Happy Friday.

  3. the photo of the two israeli girls making out would have been the perfect photo to place above or below the paragraph about the muslim terrorists, er clerics, being acquitted.

  4. So Greenberg dodges another bullet. But the allegations are far worse than simply that Corwin misled the Court about the loss of a page of a key document. (As if...) According to the Complaint, the plaintiff was an investor in an LLC, which claimed he had signed away his rights in a document he signed. The plaintiff asked for the document. The original author of the document is said to have told Corwin that a fire accidentally destroyed portions of the document when he, the author, was making tea. Corwin allegedly told the Court he had it in his possession, etc., etc. See 2013 WL 174094. Corwin, meanwhile, is a member of the Committee on Character and Fitness, Supreme Court of the State of New York First Judicial Department. Inspiring.

  5. Enjoy those hulu girls!


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