This is What a Mensch Looks Like.

Are you ready for some football?

I don't know about you, but the hype is bordering on ridiculous and according to both Le Batard and Herald political reporter/budding sports analyst Marc Caputo, nearly everyone in South Florida hates both teams and their visiting fans.

Welcome to Miami!

In other news, Dan Gelber plays the long game and shows us what it means to be a mensch:
Twenty-four years ago Big Brothers and Sisters matched me up with a 6-year-old little gap-toothed boy living in a poor Miami neighborhood I knew only as a place to avoid driving through.
Read this story. 

As we begin a new year let's think about how we can make a positive impact on the people around us -- in ways large, small, and in between.  Make this year count.

BTW, that photo of a young Danny Gelber in his acid washed jeans and sneaks is priceless:

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  1. What an absolutely spectacular story! What a great thing Dan did. So heartwarming and inspiring. Made my day.

  2. The next Governor of Florida!

  3. That ship has sailed. Dan jumped the shark.

    But still a nice story.

  4. What a great f--kin story! I love those stories and I needed that lift me up. Gelber is a mensch for sure.

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