3d DCA Watch -- Holy Repentance Edition!

Hi kids, it's that time of year but the bunker continues to roll on, as we take a reverent peep at their special Ash Wednesday opinions:

Velazquez v. Rosen:

Did you know that partial summary judgments are non-final orders not subject to appeal?

You didn't?

Yale Mortgage v. Blot:

Did you know you need to show "excusable neglect" if you fail to respond to a complaint for foreclosure and your house winds up getting sold?

You didn't?

The appellee had hired her attorney two whole weeks after default had been entered -- not good enough, evidently.

Oh well, isn't this day about repentance?


  1. I LOVE Judge Langer!

  2. I think the case involving excusable neglect turned on the fact that no motion to vacate was filed until after the foreclosure sale in May 2012, 6 or 7 months after the attorney showed up.

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