Good News -- Divorce Filings Are Up!

So, Super Bowl.

Also, Beyoncé, Clydesdales, and a 34 minute power outage.

There, my work here is done!

In other news, time to get happy because divorce work is up, up, up:
‘It’s frenetic. I don’t know what happened. Literally, the phones are ringing every day and people are coming in, if not daily, than every other day,” said Jeffrey Fisher, a West Palm Beach attorney.

People who see Fisher mean business, too. His rate is a lofty $675 an hour, so casual talks with Fisher about a marital split aren’t likely.

Fisher thinks divorce calls are up because the economy has improved. The stock market is up, real estate prices are recovering and assets, in general, are more liquid.
I agree with Jeff -- nothing says the good times are back better than serving your loser spouse with papers.

And how was your weekend?


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  2. I call bullshit on the hourly rate.

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  8. Your work is done buddy! Ha ha!

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  11. People who see Fisher mean business, too. His rate is a lofty $675 an hour, so casual talks with Fisher about a marital split aren’t likely.

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