Lewis Tein Update: This Happened.

They say the best defense is a good offense, so take a look at this pleading filed in the underlying state court action and see if it qualifies for that maxim.


  1. This stuff is getting juicy. L&T are spending a fortune on this stuff.

    1. Lots of filings but any rulings in their favor?

  2. I read that depo and it is VERY bad for Bernardo Roman and company. If he walks away from this with a reprimand from the Bar it would be the equivalent of winning the lottery.

    Chances are that he will get suspended and perhaps disbarred. If you look at Roman's cross examination and how he tries to justify his failure for producing documents, it is very disingenuous and the poster child for "slicing the bologna mighty thin"; there is no way any Court will buy his hyper-technical and brittle explanation as to why documents were not produced or why he has not come forward earlier with the facts.

    Also, how crazy do you have to be to fire a 21 year career accountant for your client who has no dog in the fight, but has all the dirt on you (the attorney) and your client and knows where all the skeletons are buried. I tell you it's like watching a lawyer version of "Keystone Cops."

  3. A Martian lands on earth... the only knowledge gained is from reading this blog. The only lawyers in Miami are named Aronfeld, Tein and Lewis, although Klock used to be a lawyer, too.

  4. Bernie Roman is a pretty boy, nobody.

  5. Yes, SFL - 2:21 pm and inquiring minds want to know: any rulings in Lewis Tein's favor?

  6. Now it comes out that Lewis Tein does not pay referral fees in cash but buys expensive jewelry for the referring lawyer's wife.

    Pardon me while I puke my guts out.

    Florida Bar Disciplinary Committee, where are you?

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  8. What a scam the whole lawsuit was. Zero truth to it. Injuns need make peace with white man. And get a real lawyer . Not that fat little clown stealing their money .


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