"The Situation" vs. A&F -- Trial in August!

Incredibly, The Situation's case against Abercrombie and Fitch rolls on, with the parties having consented to trial in August before Magistrate Judge O'Sullivan.

The defendant has brought on Gerry Houlihan as counsel, and there is a sj motion pending, but it's hard to believe the parties have not been able to resolve this one already.

(A whole bunch of documents filed in the case remain under seal, but this may change after the Magistrate Judge asked the parties to address that issue.)


  1. 15 minutes. ...tick tock....

  2. Way to go old school for trial counsel...I think the sit should bring in a contemporary of the guys, perhaps Darrow or Melvin B?

  3. let's dust of perry nichols

  4. Smathers & Thompson


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