3d DCA Watch -- I Guess You Can't Adopt Your Girlfriend After All.

Hi kids, it's that time of the week again so let's gander at whose goose has been cooked:

Goodman v. Goodman:

Anyone remember WPB polo magnate John Goodman, who adopted his girlfriend allegedly to shield assets in defending against a mega-bucks wrongful death suit?

Turns out the bunker was not too keen on the idea:
The trial court thus erred when it denied the motions for intervention and motions to vacate the Final Judgment of Adult Adoption. Therefore, the case is remanded with instructions to vacate and set aside the Final Judgment of Adult Adoption, and allow the guardian and Carroll to intervene in any subsequent proceedings.
Judge Schwartz, specially concurring, was even less keen on the idea:
Even if the motivation and the means for securing it were not so reprehensible, I believe, as the New York Court of Appeals held in In re Adoption of Robert Paul P., 63 N.Y. 2d 233, 236 (1984), the adoption of a paramour is so contrary to the beneficent purposes of such an action that no such judgment can ever be sustained.
Judge, tell us how you really feel!


  1. You gotta love the word "paramour." Not girlfriend or lover or significant other. "PARAMOUR" The word just shouts out something deliciously illicit and sinful

  2. You adopt your paramour then your paramour becomes your (biological) child under Florida law. Anyone not have an issue with engaging in sexual activity with your child?

    Great decision. The entire thing smelled bad from the beginning. The original adoption should never have been granted in the first place.

  3. Hey Liberty Loves Justice, get a room!!

  4. Liberty and Justice sitting in tree......oh, never mind.

    Still not as good as the two Israeli girls.

  5. The 3rd DCA is just dead wrong.

  6. Hey! Time magazine has two girls on the cover kissing in an issue about Gay Marriage. You should sue.

  7. My pic is merely an innocent expression of youthful exuberance.


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