3d DCA Watch -- Love Hurts Edition.

Hi kids, only two civil cases of any note in this week's 3d DCA Watch, so let's get right to it:

Great Lakes Reinsurance v. JHB:

The tragic events of the Joe Cool charter fishing boat wend their way through the courts, this time involving whether the insurance company properly adjusted the claim.

Schecter v. Schecter:

Exactly what kind of pre-nup is this:
In July 2002, after an eighteen year romantic relationship, the parties executed a prenuptial agreement in which the now former husband, Leroy Schecter, (then with a disclosed net worth approaching $160 million) and the now former wife, Shoshana Candiotti, (then with a worth of almost $1 million) agreed that in the event their contemplated marriage ended in a divorce, Shoshana would receive only $260,000 from Mr. Schecter.
Ahh, the things we do for love!


  1. So he's got $160 million. She's got 1 mill.
    And after 18 years being together they come up with $260,000 as an amount in their prenup??
    Whose a$$ did they pull this number out of?
    And why would she have agreed to this?
    And with a net worth of now even more than 160, he doesn't want to give the woman he was with for more than 28 years any more?

  2. This was an awful decision by the 3d!

  3. Why should she get what was his - she had no right to it before their marriage. They agreed on what she would get in a divorce and she agreed. God help us all if the courts started recognizing partnerships between consenting adults as a basis for equitable distribution. Go date a girl or boy for a year and then they will be asking for 1/2 of your accumulations. Thanks, but no thank you.

    The only folks that are getting screwed in that one are the homosexuals and lesbians who are not recognized legally as married. That is not right and needs to be fixed, but I think they can take care of it by entering into appropriate written agreements concerning assets.

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