Eugene Stearns, Bridge Builder.

Is there anything this guy can't do:
Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez appeared at the Key Biscayne Village Council meeting on Thursday to defend his plans for a $31 million repair to the Bear Cut Bridge connecting the island village with Virginia Key.

The westbound side of the bridge has been closed since early January, when inspectors found severe rust on the bridge’s steel beams and girders. Westbound traffic is now sharing the eastbound side of the bridge.

Gimenez and the county commission have approved emergency repairs, which are expected to take almost a year. The repairs will be paid for from Rickenbacker Causeway tolls.

But Eugene Stearns, an attorney and longtime Key Biscayne resident, recently proposed temporary repairs, which he says could be completed in a matter of weeks, and “buy time for a more complete and permanent solution” in the form of a new bridge. The new bridge would separate local traffic from travelers crossing the bridge, according to a written proposal Stearns has circulated to county officials and village leaders.

“The County is, instead, embarking on a poorly-conceived course of action, which will waste millions of dollars, preserve existing design deficiencies, and fail to provide adequate access to some of the most important and popular public lands and facilities in all of South Florida,” Stearns wrote.
At Thursday’s meeting, village residents spoke in support of Stearns’ plan.
Hmm, why is it that I somehow have more faith in Gene's plan than that of Miami-Dade County?

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  1. If Key Biscayne residents want to pay for their own lane that is fine, tack it onto the bridge in a way that won't interfere with the rest of the people who are travelling to the park or other commonly owned property - but if you want the county to pay for you douches to ride in your own exclusive lane like the oligarchs in Russia do - go fuck yourself.

    If I understood the proposal correctly, I would think GS would take a f'ing helicopter to work anyway so he can avoid accidently driving next to somebody from the Roads area in their Honda as they both commute downtown in the am.

  2. If anybody can get a private lane to Key Biscayne, it is that guy. Don't be jealous.


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