Happy Pesach, Plebes!

Hi there!

Slow day at work as we get ready for a traditional Pesach filled with antitrust-controlled matzah, antitrust-controlled sweet kosher wine, and the fascinating, unrivaled marketing success of the Maxwell House Haggadah.

Speaking of (a) relentless Jews, John Pacenti profiles L&T here.

(It's a holiday -- let's keep the comments civil).


  1. Thanks, as always, SFL, for keeping us entertained and informed with your unique look at the law and the world around us (including today's wonderful link to the history behind the Maxwell House Haggadah). If you'd only provided us half the laughter and insight you have over the years, it would have been sufficient. Dayenu!

  2. Re: Lewis & Tein. So much for the presumption of innocence. Why did the DBR publish this story? It adds nothing new except to magnify the troubles that the negative publicity has caused. From what I see, there is a lot more damning evidence against the other side and unethical conduct emanating therefrom than the LT firm. The DBR could have written a much better story highlighting the false accusations that have been hurled at LT. At least that would have been news. And what does "raiding" mean? Other firms actually call LT employees and clients and bad mouth them so they can jump ship? Nice world we live in.

  3. STL - Amen to that.

  4. Happy Pesach, SFL.

  5. Now I know why Starbucks gave me a Koran with a Venti Machiato the other day. Pure genius.

  6. Did that guy who sold me Kosher pork belly rip me off?

    Happy Passover all.


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