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Shocker Involving Former Jax Bar President!

You may have seen this shocking story involving respected Jacksonville attorney Kelly Mathis, former President of the Jacksonville Bar Association.

I mean, can you believe this guy actually (allegedly) did this:
According to a 2004 profile of Mathis in the Daily Record, a business and law publication in Jacksonville, Mathis said he was known for once running a marathon in a suit as a stunt.
What a nudnik -- every bar association has one!

Read more here:


  1. "The attorney's 7,890-square-foot home on Riding Club Road has five bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths. Duval County records show Mathis bought it in September 2008 for $875,000."

    Wow! May be time to relocate to JAX. Oh, wait, it is still Jacksonville.

  2. I used to regularly bang a milf on Riding Club Road when I was in law school. Tue and Thur afternoons for over two years. I called it my client clinic. Maybe it was his wife.

  3. Anonymous tip: Check 97-CV-2729 [SDFL] recent pleadings regarding Nevin Shapiro and Guy Lewis.

  4. 2:47, don't you mean run in a suit??

  5. SoFla. Terrific post. Very funny. Thanks for all the hard work you do on this blog. I really enjoy it.

  6. 4:51

    Spill the beans. What possibly could be filed in some 97 case?

  7. Tein and Lewis ...Lewis and Tein better lawyers you will never find.
    Just because an indian accuses them of stealing much money
    Should not mean their troubles aren't funny.
    Dex took some first
    And then there were others
    The Mic's have a way of hiding in covers
    But when you bill let their lesson ring true
    3 mill for a car crash is usually too much for too few.

  8. The '97 case does have some looney pro se motion going on about Guy Lewis and Nevin Shapiro. Motion was denied.

  9. What the heck is going on in the 97-CV-2729 case? The Federal Prosecutors Office seizes property in forfeiture and doesn't identify the criminal case it's attached too??

    Then 1st Assistant Guy Lewis okays that the prosecutors office split the proceeds with Nevin Shapiro, whose step daddy owned the property? And the victims in the crime never received restitution??

    Inquiring minds want to know how far the Nevin Shapiro and Guy Lewis relationship goes back.

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