We Have All Been Here Before?

Wow, let's see -- Dow hits record high, Chavez is out in Venezuela -- is it the 90s all over again?

In other news, for those of you who remember this case involving a teenage girl on a Carnival cruise and an alleged invasive strip search, Judge Rosenbaum has denied Carnival's motion for summary judgment as to the plaintiff's punitive damages claim:
As discussed above, there are material disputes in this case as to whether Defendant’s employees conducted a strip search, including a cavity search, of a seventeen-year-old passenger and whether Defendant’s policies permit such a search. If Defendant’s employees performed such a search, the Court cannot conclude that Defendant’s policies permitting the strip search of a minor, if supported by the facts at trial, do not rise to the type of “gross and flagrant” conduct that would support the award of punitive damages.
Hey, so there's that.

But at least they take good care of their passengers when a ship breaks down unexpectedly!

Plaintiff is represented by Kimberly Lambert at Levin Papantonio, and Carnival by Curtis J. Mase.


  1. Richie Lara. I always feel like he's trying to sell me a car.

  2. Carnival needs to write a check and get this one to go away.

  3. judge rosenbaum is a five tool player


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