RIP Chrissy Amphlett

Chrissy Amphlett, the lead singer of the Australian rock band Divinyls whose hit "I Touch Myself" brought her international fame in the early 1990s, died at her home in New York City on Sunday. She was 53 years old.

"Christine Joy Amphlett succumbed to the effects of breast cancer and multiple sclerosis, diseases she vigorously fought with exceptional bravery and dignity," her musician husband Charley Drayton said in a statement.

"Chrissy's light burns so very brightly. Hers was a life of passion and creativity. She always lived it to the fullest. With her force of character and vocal strength, she paved the way for strong, sexy, outspoken women," he said.

N.B.: Its fleeting. Hate less. Love more. Leave your mark. Leave the World better than you found it.


  1. Somebody's Guest Blogging privileges should be revoked. I go to SFL for updates about the Southern Florida legal community, not for tributes to 90s singers.

  2. @8:54

    All work and no play makes for a very very dull blog. Great post GB!

  3. @8:54

    You should touch yourself more often.

  4. Ah come on. Lighten up. Looks like someone had a few gibsons and posted last night.

  5. I really liked what actor Russell Crowe said about her:

    "Dear Chrissie, the last time I saw you was in the Botanic Gardens... That's how I'll remember you, your boy, R."

  6. I knew whacker would be on board .



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