"Take a Deep Breath. Tell Me What the Issue Is."

It seems premature to write too much about the Lewis Tein state court hearing as it is still ongoing and Calli has yet to present his case, but here's what has been reported so far:

Jay Weaver reports on Mike Tein's testimony:
At Tuesday’s hearing, the judge asked Tein how he could “account” for his former clients’ testimony the day before that they didn’t “remember any of those conversations” about legal bills with him.

“I was sad to hear that,” Tein told the judge, then suggested that his former clients were under pressure from the Miccosukee Tribe because of the high stakes of the litigation.

Tein also testified that after Billie testified Monday, she hugged him and told him that she loved him and she was sorry. Tein also said that he told her that he loved her.

“I forgive her for what she did’’ Monday. Tein testified. “I don’t think she was herself.”
 Meanwhile, the DBR picked up a slightly different angle, but the story is inexplicably not online.

Finally, here's an anecdote from LKLSG(!) managing partner Jeff Schneiner about how he helped an associate manage stress:
Case in point: Lawyer Jeff Schneider, managing partner of Levine Kellogg Lehman Schneider & Grossman in Miami, was clacking away on the keyboard one day when an associate walked in. “I’m dying,” the young lawyer declared. “Deadlines are piling up on me.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/04/16/3347863/overwhelmed-at-work-be-smart-when.html#storylink=cpy
“Take a deep breath,” Schneider replied, “Tell me what the issue is.”

The associate explained that two cases had exploded at the same time and work was piling up. Schneider suggested bringing in another lawyer for support.

It’s a familiar scenario, Schneider said.

Most bosses prefer that conversation, he said to the alternatives — missed deadlines, mistakes or health issues. In the past, he has worked in environments where people fear speaking up or asking for help. “Usually, they lose it and quit.”
Nice job Jeff, especially the "deep breath" line -- Scott Rogers' mindfulness training is starting to make a difference!

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/04/16/3347863_p2/overwhelmed-at-work-be-smart-when.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/04/16/3347079/miccosukee-tribe-member-testifies.html#storylink=misearch#storylink=cpy


  1. All he did was assign another lawyer???

  2. Let's see: No evidence of any loan documents; no retainer agreement between the "client" and the Lewis Tein firm; no evidence of the offer of judgment being discussed with the "client," evidence that "client" owed former lawyer $800,000, which would preclude any additional loans by the tribe, and an acknowledgment by Paul Calli that his clients did not appreciate the issue that was causing Judge Dresnick concern . . . Someone is lying! Me thinks it is Mr. Tein, the little man who loves to smirk for the camera.

  3. Dresnick findings

    No perjury
    No fraud on court
    No failure in candor to tribunal
    No misconduct

    Sanctions upped to $50k.

  4. 12:45 - clearly you have an axe to grind and clearly you are one of the lawyers accusing them. I can't stand Tein but you're an asshole.

  5. dont know nuttin about nuttin but dresnick did them boys a big big favor

  6. Calli the shizzle

  7. SFL you have a yen for strong powerful women!

  8. Congrats to Lewis Tein.

  9. Dresnick off his rocker. Seems like he was looking for a way to save face for allowing this farce.

  10. I wonder which mediation company Dresnick goes with after he retires.

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