Tom Equels is a Papal Knight of St. Gregory!

How cool is that?

Also he is helping Mother Teresa's nuns to continue serving the homeless despite the City of Miami's recent interference:
After the City of Miami issued a violation to the Missionaries of Charity for “operating a business without a license,” a lawyer providing legal support said he is confident the city will withdraw the notice.

“The city has full knowledge” of the sisters' work and has given them “numerous approvals over the years,” attorney Tom Equels told CNA April 4.

“Sometimes they forget so I’m going to do my best to remind them.”

On March 20, inspector Cornellius Pierre of the City of Miami issued a notice of violation to the “Missionaries of Charity, Inc.” for “failure to obtain a valid certificate of use for the type of business being conducted.”

The notice stated that if the “violation” was not corrected by April 1, the sisters would face fines of up to $100 a day for each day the “violation” went uncorrected.

“It’s hard to say what the equivalent is, but picking on these humble nuns is a mistake,” he said.

The Missionaries of Charity have been ministering to the area’s poorest of the poor since 1980 when Mother Teresa established a branch of her community in Miami, Fla.
 Now this is a case where Tom literally is on the side of the angels.

 (More on the neat outfits Tom gets to wear here.)


  1. the missions of charity sistas really do G-d's work. anybody who reads this is free to come on down and help saturday or sunday at 845 to 10:30

    bring a big sack of rice or a wad of cash if you come. put the money in sista's hand like your tipping bones on the way out of joes.

    nw 17th ave and 7th st.

  2. Thank you for the information -- get on out there!

    Is there something more satisfying you could be doing this weekend?

  3. I would tell these worthless bums to get off their ass and get a job instead of drinking/smoking whatever they can and hoping society takes care of them. If these "do gooders" stopped, maybe that would give the bums an incentive to be productive instead of taking handouts.

  4. 2:21, a bit harsh, no?

  5. Caring for the homeless is commendable. But there are secular organizations that do this and not preach against contraception, divorce, and women's rights, as Mother Teresa did. See:

  6. 3 pm on a Friday. 20K in fees this week. Got a cold six pack waiting. Shumie time.

  7. Reall So Fla. It's Friday and we expect the Israeli girls or Bo Derek or something other than some dwork in a dworky get up.

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