3d DCA Watch -- Throwback Wednesday?

I think the bunker got a little nostalgic today -- consider these moldy golden oldies unearthed by the RRO* this week:

Marder v. Moscoco:

This case is actually about a charging lien filed by Ruden McClosky!

What's next -- an application for fees by Fine Jacobson?

Miccosukee Tribe v. Lehtinen:

Here you have a two-fer:  the Tribe unsuccessfully seeking to remove Joe Klock as counsel for Dexter Lehtinen.

Query -- did Joe receive an "unfair informational advantage" by representing a poor innocent damaged yacht owner by repping the ex-Tribal attorney in other matters:
In the underlying cause, it cannot be said, and no such allegation has been made, that Klock has obtained an unfair advantage in his representation of respondent in his defense of petitioners’ claims. Whether or not Klock obtains an unfair informational advantage in his representation of clients against respondent in other, unrelated matters is pure speculation at this time. Certainly, if petitioners believe at some point in the future that Klock has indeed obtained such unfair informational advantage in those cases, petitioners are free to seek Klock’s disqualification in the courts in whose jurisdiction the cases lie.
In other words, time will tell (it always does).

*"Resplendently Robed Ones" -- get with the lingo already!


  1. Who reps the Indians? The don't seem to win anything. Time for tribe to get new new lawyers.

  2. Speaking of oldies goodies, no comment on the Phil Davis' case? He was a judge swept up in "Court Broom." But you guys are too young to remember.

  3. Thanks Judge -- another robed tipster pointed out that I failed miserably to highlight footnote 11 in Miami-Dade v. Concrete Structures:

    "'Welcome,' in the same falsely enthusiastic spirit in which IRS auditors are welcomed to corporate offices with coffee and pastries, and bank regulators are encouraged to ask for anything they care to see."

  4. Phil Davis's case shows just how far one can fall, and he got a huge break during "Court Broom". What a waste.

  5. He doesn't handle criminal cases Judge. We do. And we have a Phil Davis post up, complete with some Phil Davis trivia.

  6. Throw back the little ones
    And pan-fry the big ones
    Use tact, poise and reason
    And gently squeeze them

  7. Re the Jesus endorsement:

    Should have gone with black Jesus...and, she never said that he said she would win, only that he was with her.


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