Thursday Digital Dump!

Hi kids, here's what is clogging up my ability to play words with friends all day:

1.  Rodier & Rodier to former client David Cassidy --  I don't think I love you:
Aging Fort Lauderdale heartthrob David Cassidy is getting sued yet again for not paying his bills – and this time, it’s for attorney’s fees!

The Partridge Family’s star and singer, 63, is being sued by the Broward County law firm of Rodier & Rodier, who represented Cassidy when he was sued for contract indebtedness in 2007.

The lawsuit, brought by a neighbor who owned a race horse with Cassidy, was settled in 2011. Terms were confidential.

But Cassidy was ordered to pay for his own legal bills – totaling more than $134,000!
Two years later, Cassidy has yet to make good on the debt, and now he’s being sued.
Always get a large retainer from aging rock stars, I always say!

2.  Turns out banks don't always do the right thing, according to DBR reporter PIA (that's Paola Iuspa-Abbott, a great scrabble word btw!).

3.   Adolfo Pesquera reports on the Florida Bar's investigation of JAABlog's William Gelen and our joint statement condemning same.

4.  Richard Shuler on the value of "Public Citizen":
I cannot tell you how many times the most ardent hardline defense attorney has called me to say: “My mother just lost her life savings in an investment scam; can you help her?” or “My father just died as a result of an accident or medical malpractice; can you help us?”

Because of abusive and unconstitutional arbitration clauses that corporations seek to use as a shield against accountability or the Anti-Consumer Medical Malpractice Act, it may be impossible to provide justice. Folks need to realize that their own liberties and rights hang in the balance.
The organization known as “Public Citizen” can make them aware of this reality.
5.  All hail General Zod!

(I've long argued the dude is due for a comeback).


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